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DESCRIPTION: Double coated, quick stick rubber adhesive for demanding applications. Cross-linked      closed cell polyethylene foam with an aggressive exhibits low water absorption, flexibility and resiliency.

   APPLICATIONS: Primarily used for mounting, joining, gasketing,  and sealing. Cushioning and damping         of sound and vibration. Should be applied to dry , clear, free of grease and oils surfaces. For moderate            temperatures.

                                      TECHNICAL DATA

            Thickness:                           1/32", 1/16" and 1/8th inch

            Adhesion (30 min. peel):   120 lbs/psi per inch width

            Adhesion (shear, 2 lbs):    500 hours
            Adhesion (shear, 5 lbs):    100 hours

            Tensile:                                 1/32" 185/psi per inch width
                                                            1/16" 120/psi per inch width
                                                            1/8" 55/psi per inch width

            Tear:                                      1/32" 33.0/psi per inch width
                                                            1/16" 21.5/psi per inch width
                                                            1/8" 10.5/psi per inch width

                                                 Density:                                1/32" 6 PCI
                                                                                                 1/16" 4 PCI
                                                                                                 1/8" 2 PCI

                    Temperature Range:         -20F to 150F

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