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MERCO M77 Threadmaster® Meets Mil Spec A-A 58092


7 January 1997




The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description as a replacement for MIL-T-27730 for all Federal Agencies. 


1.1 Scope. This commercial item description (CID) covers polytetrafluorethylene tape for use on liquid and gaseous oxygen systems.


2.1 Classification. The tape shall be furnished in the following types and sizes:

Type I - The tape shall be contained on spool within a dispenser with a self contained mechanism for cutting the tape to the desired length.

Type II - The tape shall be contained on a spool with a snap-on shell cover.

Type III - The tape shall be contained on a spool.

    Size 1- 1/4 inch wide, and 0.0035 + 0.001 or -0.0005 inches thick.

    Size 2- 1/2 inch wide, and 0.0035+ 0.001 or -0.0005 inches thick.

    Size 3- 3/4 inch wide, and 0.0035 + 0.001 or -0.0005 inches thick.

    Size 4-1 inch wide, and 0.0035 + 0.001 or -0.0005 inches thick.

Beneficial comments, recommendations, additions, deletions, clarifications, etc. and any other data which may improve this document should be sent to: General Services Administration, Engineering and Commodity Management Division (9FTE- 10), 400 15th St SW, Auburn WA 98001 AMSC N/A FSC 8030


3.1 Package. The tape shall packaged as specified (see 2. 1). If a dispenser with a self-contained mechanism for cutting the tape to the desired length or a spool with a snap-on shell cover is specified it shall be as small in size and as light in weight as practical. The packages shall be designed so that the tape maybe applied to male pipe threads with a of contact by personnel. The packages shall also be designed to prevent inadvertent contamination of the tape with foreign substances such as oils, greases, and dirt.

3.2 Tape elongation. The tape shall be capable of a minimum of 50% elongation without breaking or tearing when tested in accordance with ASTM D-882.

3.3 a. The specific gravity of the tape shall be at least 1.2 when tested in accordance with ASTM D-792.

3.4 Chemical Properties . The tape shall be at least 99 percent polytetrafluoroethylene and shall contain no materials that are combustible in the presence of oxygen or that produce toxic vapors at temperatures up to 260F.

3.5 Application instructions. The contractor shall provide clear and concise instructions as to the application of the tape.

3.6 Workmanship. The workmanship shall be of a high quality and shall be commensurate with the requirements specified herein. Additionally, the workmanship shall be of the quality prevailing among manufacturers normally producing antiseize polytetrafluoroethylene tape for the purpose of using on pipe threads.


4.1 ~. The offeror/contractor is encouraged to use recovered materials to the maximum extent practicable, in accordance with paragraph 23.403 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Unless otherwise specified herein, all equipment, material, and articles incorporated in the work covered by this CID are to be new and be fabricated using materials produced from recovered materials to the maximum extent possible without jeopardizing the intended use. The term "recovered materials" means materials which have been collected or recovered from solid waste and reprocessed to become a source of raw materials, as opposed to virgin raw materials. Unless otherwise specified, none of the above shall be interpreted to mean that the use of or rebuilt products are allowed under this CID.


5.1 Product conformance. The products provided shall meet the salient characteristics of this commercial item description, conform to the producer's own drawings, specifications, standards, and quality assurance practices, and be the same product offered for sale in the commercial marketplace. The Government reserves the right to require proof of such conformance prior to first delivery and thereafter as maybe otherwise provided for under the provisions of the contract.




6.1 Preservation. packaging. packing, and marking. The tape shall be preserved, packaged, and packed as specified in the contractor purchase order.


7.1 mended use. The tape is intended as an antiseize and sealant of pipe threads of liquid and gaseous oxygen systems of 2,000 psi and less.

7.2 Ordering data. Acquisition documents must specify the following:

    :a. Title, number, and date of this document.

    b. Type and size.

    c. Packaging requirements, if required (see 5'.1).

7.3 Part Identification n Number (PIN). The following part identification numbering procedure is for government purposes and does not constitute a requirement for the contractor.

This example describes a part number system for CID A-A-58092 -l-l

        Example of a reference number:

        AAxxxx -11

        Size : 1,2,3,4 (See 2.1)

        Type: 1- Type I - Spool and dispenser with cutting mechanism.

                    2- Type II - Spool with a snap-on shell cover.

                    3- Type III - Spool.


7.4 Source of Documents.

7.4.1 The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) documents maybe obtained from the Naval Publications and Forms Center, Philadelphia PA 19120, for issue to DOD activities only. Contractors and industry groups must obtain copies from ASTM, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia,  PA, 19103

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