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Tapes for Aerospace Industry



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Polyken 108PE Flame Retardant Double-Coated Cloth Tape

Flame retardant double-coated cloth tape with flame retardant synthetic rubber adhesive.

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For carpet installation on interior floors and stairs of aircraft. Used with confidence by Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, major national and international airlines and refurbishers.

Designed with a flame retardant cotton cloth and synthetic adhesive systems that complies with FAA specs. Ease of installation. High strength, with quick-stick and high adhesion. Ease of tearability. High conformability. Flexibility allows for ease of realignment. Accommodates irregular surfaces. Performs without twisting or curling. Removes easily without leaving residue. Immediate carpet bond with retained bond integrity.
Boeing - Boeing BMS 5-133-C 
FAA - FAR 25.853 (a)

Adhesion to Steel

60 oz/in

67.2 g/mm


40 lb/in



14 mils

0.35 mm


13 oz/sq yd

441 g/ sq m





Polyken 225 Flame Retardant Cloth Duct Tape

A superior flame retardant polyethylene coated waterproof tape with an exceptionally aggressive adhesive to a variety of substrates including steel and plastic.

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Used in areas where flame retardancy is required For sealing duct work, fiberglass insulation, and wire harness insulation and building applications Cargo pit applications for freight carrying aircraft.

Flame retardant polyethylene coated waterproof tape Exceptionally aggressive adhesive to a variety of substrates Exhibits outstanding handling characteristics and conforms well to duct systems Conforms to FAR 25.853(a), McDonnell-Douglas DMS 1986D, Lockheed LCP-86-1226-A, and Boeing D 6-8099.
Special Conditions: waterproof, flame retardant

Boeing - Boeing D 6-8099, BMS 5-133-C 
FAA - FAR 25.853 (a) 
Lockheed - Lockheed LCP-86-1226-A 
McDonnell-Douglas -  DMS 1986D 

Adhesion to Backing

25 oz/in

28 g/mm

Adhesion to Steel

40 oz/in

44.8 g/mm


2.5 in

6.35 cm


29 lb/in

0.52 kg/cm


12 mils

0.3 mm


10.5 oz/sq yd

356 g/sq m





Polyken 290 Flame Retardant Aircraft Cargo Compartment Tape
Printed, linerless, flame retardant glass cloth tape for aircraft cargo compartment seam sealing.

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Cargo pit applications. Seam sealing (taping) and repair of cargo compartment liners for use on covering pins/rivets where high adhesion and flame resistance is critical.

Glass cloth design resists flame penetration for safety. High conformability. Easy to install and accommodates angles and turns. High adhesion properties eliminates lifting and curling. Creep resistance maintains seal under load. Visibility of F.A.R. 25.853(a) and F.A.R. 25.855(d) printed.
Special Conditions: waterproof, flame retardant

- FAR 25.853 (a)/FAR 25.855 (d)

Adhesion to Backing

32 oz/in

35.9 g/mm

Adhesion to Steel

38 oz/in

42.6 g/mm


2 in

5 cm


150 lb/in

2.7 kg/mm


13 mils

0.33 mm


10.9 oz/sq yd

370 g/sq m





Polyken 347

 Linered aluminum foil for sealing and masking of aircraft. Meets FAR 25.853(a).

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Aircraft sealing and masking. Used as a window mask to protect aircraft canopies, windshields and passenger window surfaces from crazing and/or hazing during paint stripping operations. Used as a moisture barrier. Solvent resistant

Aluminum foil backing provides a vapor barrier protection from moisture, contamination or corrosion. 1. Acts as a heat shield, minimizing heat transfer. 2. Product demonstrates superior conformability, adapting to irregular surfaces extremely well. Acrylic Adhesive System developed for solvent resistance and clean removal from surfaces. 1. High adhesion - adheres tightly without lifting. 2. Excellent aging resistance with long-term bond performance. Silicone Paper Liner offers ease of release and ease of removal after die cutting.

FAA - FAR 25.853 (a) and L-T-80B

Adhesion to Steel

50 oz/in

5.47 N/cm

Adhesion to Backing

22 oz/in

2.41 N/cm

Total Thickness

5.5 mil


Foil Thickness

3 mil



26 lb/in

45.53 N/cm

Max. Perf. Temp.

200 F


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