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M224 CAUTION Safety and Warning TAPE

    DESCRIPTION:  A premium quality polyethylene Caution Tape available with a stock CAUTION imprint.

    Manufactured  for durability and resistance to the Caution-TapeM234Lg04elements (and some would even say beauty...),  Merco's Caution tape is ideal for marking danger areas and special instructions.   We stock yellow film with black legend in 3 inch and 6 inch widths, and 2 mil and 3 mil thickness. We offer 2.5 mil, 4 mil and 6 mil thickness on request. (We also stock Merco M234 Barricade Tape in Yellow and Red in many common imprints, sizes and thicknesses.)

    Merco can custom cut widths and lengths to your requirements. We can print up to 3 colors on one or both sides, custom color matching,  private labeling, barcoding. We can even offer product in hand held dispenser boxes.

    APPLICATIONS:   M224 is used extensively by professionals in construction and building trades, code and law enforcement,  safety, crowd control,  painting, maintenance, mining, hardware  and utilities for managing access and restricting people flow.


    Thickness:   2 mil, 3 mil from stock, 2.5 mil, 4 mil, 6 mil on request.
                          At this time we do not offer 1.5 mil (it is just too thin for industrial use)

    Widths:   3" and 6"

    Colors: Yellow and Black

    Length:   1000' stock, 200', 300' and 500' on request

How thick a Caution Tape do I need?
We are frequently asked 'just how much tape should I buy?' Great question. Obviously, for budget as well as environmental reasons you don't want to buy more than you need.

Besides the easy calculation of length, the second most important determination in thickness. How do you determine that requirement? Too thick and you are wasting money,

Our M 224 Caution, M225 Underground Detectable, M226 Underground Non-Detectable, M234 Barricade, M244 Pavement Marking compare and are equals to products from Intertape, 3M, Covalence, Reef Industries, Presco Products,  Panduit, Keson, Harris, Seton, Lab Safety, Hanson, Mutual Industries, Brady, Grainger, and other manufacturers and distributors.   Please contact us with your requirements and specifications and we will prepare a custom quote.

too thin and the product fails early.

Are you doing a temporary installation? Maybe up a day or two, or even a week? Go thinner. For example an open hole or downed pole that will be repaired as soon as work crews in the field get to it can get by with  2 mil. Remember, in two or three days this is going to be wound up and tossed in a dumpster. There is no need to buy durability.

But maybe the crews are super backed up. Maybe the budget is busted and no one will get to this problem for a month.  Go heavier. 3 mil is suitable for most installs lasting up to a month or even longer. It is also required if you will be spanning long stretches unsupported.  It is thicker, more durable and is less likely to sag under its own weight and exposure to weather.  Got extra money to burn before the end of year budgets, you can even go with 4 mil. (But in most instances four mil is way, way over the top. Simply too much tape)

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Merco Hackensack, Inc
P.O.Box 875, 201 Route 59  Hillburn, NY 10931
Phone:  845-357-3699 Fax: 845-357-3677

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