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a_line1 Merco Persues PTFE Threadseal Tape Line Art

The original PTFE resin was invented by DuPont in 1938 and called Teflon®. While all Teflon® is PTFE, not all PTFE is Teflon®. As stated in a letter from the DuPont Legal Department, DuPont does not license the manufacture of ANY Teflon® film into ANY PTFE Thread Seal Tape, i.e. there is no thread seal product authorized to be licensed to be made with Teflon® brand PTFE. In fact, they maintain there is NO such thing as Teflon® Tape. Please see the link for this unusual marketing position and, a copy of the letter from their trade marks department is available on request. This should be of little concern to the user however. As explained elsewhere on our site, it isn't the BRAND of PTFE that is important but the density. Virtually all PTFE from quality chemical houses are identical in performance.

Merco Threadmaster® PERSEUS™ brand
PTFE Threadseal Tape

Announcing Merco Threadmaster® Perseus™ brand Teflon® threadseal tape. Quality product, packaged to kill the competition at the supply house and on the job-site.

Ideal for water, gasoline, petroleum oils, propane, butane, benzene, kerosene, natural gas and virtually most liquids. Of course, non-flammable. Merco Threadmaster® Perseus™ is made of 100% pure PTFE film.

Let's repeat that: 100% PURE PTFE film. No blue color to contaminate connections. No blue color to make the product not meet mil spec. And no blue color to say heck yeah, I like fads and gimmicks too. Just 100% pure PTFE.

And a lot of it too. Threadmaster® Perseus™ threadseal is a higher density product at .80 grams /cm3.

Merco Threadmaster® Perseus™ meets mil-spec T-27730A, and manufactured in an ISO 9002 compliant factory. Perseus™ is the only higher density import with both those specs.

Each roll features a fully protective, self contained spool and shell packaging, with instructions for use printed on each roll. Perseus™ is labeled on both sides, insuring instant brand recognition no matter which way it gets put down.

Merco Threadmaster® Perseus™ is in stock for same/next day shipment from the Merco warehouse. We stock standard length rolls in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths. Convenient supply house packs of 40 rolls per shipping size.

So put this Monster Killer on your counter today and watch sales slay the competition.  Call us or e-mail your salesperson.

Compare Merco Threadmaster® Perseus™ with Blue Monster Tape and see for yourself! Perseus™, the Monster Killer.

Teflon® is a trade mark of the Du Pont Company. Threadmaster® and Perseus™ are trade marks of the Merco Company.
We assume Blue Monster is a trade mark of Mill-Rose, but we can't really find any indication on their web site...

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