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M55- Threadmaster® DOMESTIC TAPE - STANDARD DENSITY 0.9g/cm3

    Merco Threadmaster® PTFE Sealant Tape is for those applications that require the sealing  properties of a premium grade thread sealant. This thread sealant is intended to be used for general purpose sealing in pipe threads.
    This premium Grade Regular density PTFE sealant tape permits quick, clean economical sealing of male pipe threads of all sizes and reduces the risk of system contamination common with liquid and paste sealants. Ideal for General Plumbing, OEM, MRO, Jan/San, Industrial and Industrial Maintenance Supply Houses.
    The self-lubricating quality of this unsintered PTFE (
    Polytetrafluoroethylene) tape makes joints easy to assemble and disassemble, and extends the fatigue life of the sealed connection.
    Totally maintenance free premium grade medium density PTFE thread sealant tape is virtually chemically inert, non-toxic and nonflammable. It will withstand temperatures from –450F  to 550F (265C). Its 10 years shelf life allows prewrapping and storage of threaded parts.

    SPECIFICATION             ASTM Method








0.90 g/cm3






Plastic spool & shell


Made in the USA
Meets Mil Spec T-277030A

MSDS sheet available


Chemical Compatibility

see here

The original PTFE resin was invented by DuPont in 1938 and called Teflon®. While all Teflon® is PTFE, not all PTFE is Teflon®. As stated in a letter from the DuPont Legal Department, DuPont does not license the manufacture of ANY Teflon® film into ANY PTFE Thread Seal Tape, i.e. there is no thread seal product authorized to be licensed to be made with Teflon® brand PTFE. In fact, they maintain there is NO such thing as Teflon® Tape. Please see the link for this unusual marketing position and, a copy of the letter from their trade marks department is available on request. This should be of little concern to the user however. As explained elsewhere on our site, it isn't the BRAND of PTFE that is important but the density. Virtually all PTFE from quality chemical houses are identical in performance.

Threadmaster® is a registered trademark of Merco Company

A word or two about pressure ratings:

The pressure comment on the spool label of our (Domestic) products is specific to the test performed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the certification of our products.  All PTFE thread seal tapes, regardless of manufacturer, which are submitted to UL for certification are subject to their uniform test at 100 psi.  If we produce a product labeled with their certification, we have to include that paragraph at the bottom of the label which includes the 100 psi statement.

That does not mean our tapes cannot exceed 100 psi, in fact they generally do, One Hundred PSI is just the extent of the UL test and their required labeling.

All our Domestic products are 100% virgin PTFE, they do not contain any fillers or reprocessed materials, and are frequently used in systems where pressures exceed 10,000 psi.  We cannot certify to this level because we do not control the other components in the system or the assembly process.  But as a rule, our tapes, when properly used, will meet or exceed the minimum pressure rating of the components they are used with.

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Merco Hackensack, Inc
P.O.Box 875, 201 Route 59  Hillburn, NY 10931
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