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Merco M 811 Linerless or M815 Linered
Self Bonding Rubber Splicing Tape
for High Voltage use

Ideal for a tight, tough and permanent resilient seal that is both water tight and electrically insulating, even when elongated. Designed for splicing or terminating wires and is rated for high and low voltage applications to 69 kV. Merco M811 is self-adhering and self binding.
Merco M 811 and M 815 are Self Binding High Voltage Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) Splicing Tapes suitable for temperatures from -40C to +90C for continuous  use and up to 130C for intermittent use.
M 811 is similar in spec. and performance to 130C (linerless) and M 815 to 3M Scotch 23 (linered) and Plymouth L969.

Merco M 811 and M 815 are capable of being applied either stretched or not stretched with no loss of physical or electrical properties. It will not split, crack, slip or flag when exposed to various indoor or outdoor environments. It is compatible with all synthetic cable insulations. Merco M 811 and M 815 have a shelf life of 5 years.

Application Instructions: Merco M 811 or M 815 should be applied in successive half-lapped level wound layers until desired build-up is reached. It should be applied like any rubber tape; that is, the side of the tape wrapped inside the roll should be applied outside on the splice (tacky side up). This will help prevent the roll from getting progressively further away from the work area. To eliminate voids in critical areas, highly elongate M811 or M815 tape. Stretch tape in critical areas just short of the breaking point; doing so will not alter its physical or electrical properties. In less critical areas, less elongation may be used. The tape should be stretched to a minimum of 3/4 its original width. Always attempt to half-lap to produce a uniform buildup. When using M811 or M815 tape for splicing cable above 15 kV, always highly elongate the tapethroughout the entire splice.

We stock common widths from 3/4" to 2" wide, and can custom cut other sizes.


Test Method:



ASTM D-4325

30 mil

Continuous Operating Range
Intermittent Operating Range


-40C to 90C
-40C to 130C

Specific Gravity



Dielectric Strength, volts/mil, minimum
  Thickness 0.030 inch

ASTM D-4325

730V/mil @ 96hrs

Tensile Strength, psi, minimum

ASTM D-4325

250 psi

Elongation, % minimum

ASTM D-4325


Thermal Conductivity @ 23C

ASTM C-518

0.3 W/m C

Cold Brittle Point, C, maximum



Water Absorption, %max, by weight

Mil CID-A-A-59163


Dielectric Constant, 1200 v @60Hz

ASTM D4325

3.5 @ 23C

Dissipation Factor, 1200 v @ 60Hz

ASTM D-4325

.7% @ 23C

Volume Resistivity, 96hrs @ 23C

ASTM D-4325

> 10 15 ohm-cm


Primary insulation for splicing all types of solid dielectric insulated cables, through 69 kV; jacketing on high voltage splices and terminations; moisture sealing electrical connections; bus bar insulation; end sealing high voltage cables; motor leads; jacketing repairs; also ideal for harness wrapping, cooling system repairs, automotive, corrosion protection, electrical insulation, extension cord wrap, handle grip, home and garden, jumper cable protection, marine use, military, plumbing repair, salt resistance, hose repair, tool handle wrap, hydraulics, radiator hose repair, exhaust sealing, underwater use.


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Merco Hackensack, Inc
P.O.Box 875, 201 Route 59  Hillburn, NY 10931
Phone:  845-357-3699 Fax: 845-357-3677

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