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Merco Tape proudly sponsors these fine Teams
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Merco Italian Job Team Car

Team Italian Job

Merco He-Man Racing Team

He-Man RacingTM

Merco Tape at Hudson Bay Cold

See pictures from the 13 hours SCCA Race at   

 Virginia International Speedway, here.

One Happy Artist

2009 Hudson Bay
Cold Weather Adhesive Trials

Keeping a budding artist happy. Probably one of the most important uses of all.

Click to see Merco Tape in Antarctica

2006-2007 Merco Cold Weather Adhesives Trials

Grahamland, British Antarctic Territory

Kittinger Jumping with Duct Tape

From 102,000 Feet. Look at his legs. Not Merco Tape (it was 1960) but when you need something to work, use duct tape!

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