New York State Resale Certificates

How do I Avoid the Taxman? Legally?

The State of New York offers two, and only two (legal) ways to avoid paying sales tax on the products we sell:

  1. Buy your product for resale, in which case we will need a properly executed New York ST-120 form, Resale Certificate. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Register with the state and if they think you are good they will issue a Certificate of Authority.
  2. If you are buying Tapes and Shipping Supplies to transport your product to your customer you may declare the purchase to be tax exempt by filing with us an Exempt Use Certificate. In New York State it is a New York form ST121,  This one is even better. Any shipping supplies i.e., carton tape, boxes, pallet wrap, any product you buy and use to convey your product to your customer is legally tax exempt under NY State law.

H O W E V E R - We collect sales tax from all customers in the State of New York unless we have a validly executed ST120 or ST121 form on file.

Sorry, but don’t even think of asking for an exception.

As well please note: your filing these forms with us may not relieve you of your responsibilities should the tax man come calling. We accept your form and that is all. It is up to you to decide if your purchases are tax exempt and if so which use makes them as such. We will accept whichever form you want to submit but we have no way of knowing what you are doing with our product. We recommend keeping adequate back up documentation for the tax people.

Please fax your completed forms to (845) 357-3677. If you have already paid the tax we will refund it upon receipt of the correct form within 30 days of the date of invoice. Don’t like it? Speak to the Man: Office of the Governor of the State of New York.

Please note that we do not have authority to collect sales tax for any other state. You may be responsible for your state’s use tax. Please check with your advisors.