SHURTAPE FT 36 Filament Tape Hand Dispenser

SHURTAPE FT 36 Filament Tape Hand Dispenser

First-of-its-kind, Shurtape FT 36 is a hand-held filament tape dispenser crafted for manual strapping tape applications including L-Clip and C-Clip tape sealing, strapping, bundling and palletizing jobs.

The patented FT 36 hand dispenser is designed with a pistol grip for comfort and ergonomics in repetitive use applications, and delivers improved wipe-down force and consistent, quick cutting – even of the strongest glass fiber filament tapes in the industry – for ease of use in a variety of industries.

Available Variations

Color Width Packaging Country of Origin
n/a 36 mm plain box
n/a 48 mm plain box
n/a 72 mm plain box

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