Making Headway

Wow, its been a month since last post. Who knew this was so labor intensive?  I guess looking at the quality of our previous site versus the way this one is unfolding would have offered a strong clue.

We have most of the items up. Some copy still needs work. We are busy configuring for SEO which means redoing all the product titles and trying to cram reams of info into 320 characters. 

We are also finishing up the last of our photographs. And surprise of surprises our pictures look better and more professional than those we have seen from IPG, Polyken, Shurtape and believe it or not even 3M.

(Shhhh! Don't tell anyone we found a guy on Fiver to take the images for, you guessed it, five bucks a piece.  That is how we keep our pricing down. Overhead can kill you.)

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